Mando is an easy solution for all kinds of sales.

Mando is an easy solution for all kinds of sales.

We made a customer survey to our customers and got a clear view of what is the best thing in Mando. 100% of our users mentioned the word EASY. An easy and clear user inteface and a quick installation together with the reliability have made the start with our new system extremely easy for both new and more experienced POS users.

 Mission complete.

For over 30 years we here in Mando have been working with cash registers and card payment terminals. With this amount of experience we can proudly announce ourselves as professionals. This experience gives us a secret recipe to develop an easy to use, versatile and reliable point of sale system. The development is all in your own hands now and we are pretty proud about it. May we present to you; Mando. The easiest, the most reliable and the most elegant POS solution for your business!

Mando Point of Sale in stylish POS hardware or in handy tablet device.

Our main POS hardware solution

Mando can be installed to our 15” POS hardware. This is a stylish and modern device that fits your store or restaurant perfectly. This device is available in black or white colors. There are also all kinds of additional devices to complete your needs.

Point of sale in tablet device

Mando is also available for handy and high quality tablet devices. The tablet device can be used as a stand-alone POS device as well as a companion to 15” POS hardware.

Feature of the Mando full version

Easy to use

Installation takes only a few minutes in most cases. The system is clear and easy to learn and use.

Works also offline

Mando does not quit even if the internet connection is lost. It works in offline mode and continues synchronizing when the connection has recovered!

Modern design

Mando cash register is stylish and fits into a trendy environment.

Card payment terminal

Compatible with Verifone and Nets payment terminals.

Real time product maintenance

You can maintain your product data easily via you internet browser. The chenges can be updated to your cash register with just a few clicks of a button.

Wide reporting

No need to print reports from cash register anymore. A wide sortiment of reports are available real time in website.

One or more stores, all data in one place

All your company data can be maintained and reported from one and only location in Mando-website.

Features for restaurants

The requirements of the restaurant environment have been noticed. Table sales, invoice sharing and kitchen printers are a natural parts of Mando!

Meets also the needs of stores

In stores the barcode reading is an important feature so that products can be found and sold quickly and easily. Mando knows how to do this!

New! MobilePay payment feature without external devices

Now you can accept MobilePay payments directly using the Mando cash register, without any need for changes at the payment terminal. Your customer can pay easily with a mobile device using a QR code. Ask more from our sales!

Happy Mando customers

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