Additional products

Mando Oy’s stock also includes other useful accessories and additional products

Barcode readers/Scanners

Barcode readers can be connected to our ACT, D1 and Apexa cash registers.

  • 2D reader USB = Reads barcodes in any direction, reading QR codes is also possible

  • 2D reader BT = Reads barcodes in any direction, QR codes can be read wirelessly, Bluetooth connection

  • Multi-beam reader = Instead of one beam, this device has several beams, which allows reading barcodes in any direction.

  • Rent or buy your own

Receipt printer A8:

  • This receipt printer works with all of our checkout types.
  • Connection to the cash register with Bluetooth or USB cable.
  • Makes your work easier and faster
  • Printer is able to print your company logo on the receipt if you want.
  • Rent or buy your own

Cash drawers:

  • Mando D6 cash drawer (40x40x12)
  • Dl mini cash drawer (30x30x12)
  • Rent or buy your own

Receipt rolls:

  • Thermal printer roll 80×80, for Mando A8 receipt printer
  • Thermal printer roll 80×60, Mando T2 for checkouts
  • Thermal printer roll 57×40, for payment terminals


Other products:

  • For Tablet cash registers: various tablet holders
  • Mobile subscriptions, SIM cards
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