Mando self-service checkout

Make everyday cashier work easier with a self-service cash register.

Mando can also be a self-service checkout

We here at Mando wanted to make a self-service checkout available for smaller companies as well – and now the solution is here!

There was a time when self-service cash registers were supposed to take jobs away from the retail sector and displace traditional sellers. However, the opposite happened. Self-service cash registers have been found to be functional assistants to lighten cash register work and speed up operations in rush hour situations. Today, customers also like the opportunity to place orders in their own peace and at their own pace as self-service. Therefore, it is clear that self-service checkouts also improve the customer’s checkout experience.

The stylish self-service cash register makes everyday checkout easier!

fast and easy transaction point.

Support for cashiers’ everyday life in rush hours with self-service checkout.

A stylish and sturdy stand to which you can lock the payment terminal.

With a couple presses of button, you can convert a self-service checkout into regular cash register.

Bigpos kiosk

  • Bigpos kiosk is very fast and efficient self-service kiosk
  • 27″ FHD Display Kiosk with PCAP Touchscreen
  • Integrated receipt printer
  • Modular Design for Effortless Setup
  • Quick Access to Components for Easy Maintenance
  • Flexible Installation on a Floor, a Wall or a Table
  • Compact, Slim and Elegant
  • Customizable for Individual Business Needs
itsepalvelukassat Self-service checkout
itsepalvelukassat lähikuva Self-service checkout
itsepalvelukassat pöytä Self-service checkout
itsepalvelukassat Self-service checkout


  • Highly Cost-effective POS Solution
  • 15.6” Wide Touchscreen POS Terminal
  • Sleek and Compact Body with Small Footprint
  • Spill and dust resistant
  • Multiple I/O Interfaces for Peripherals
  • Flexible Installation on a Counter or a Wall
  • It is also possible to get it as a self-service kiosk
itsepalvelukassat apexa


  • Slim and compact design saves space on the counter
  • 5.6 inch PCAP touchscreen with precise touch
  • Frameless display interface
  • Multiple I/O ports support easy system expansion
  • Fast installation and maintenance
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