The easiest POS solution for your business. Entirely Finnish made Mando Point Of Sale system!

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Point of sales system which you learn to use in a blink of an eye.

Our customer surveys show that the best feature in Mando is that it is EASY!
The reliability, simple user interface and a quick introduction have made Mando cash registers extremely easy for users with lots of experience as well as staff with zero POS experience. After reading these surveys, we were happy. Mission complete.

For over 30 years we here in Mando have been working with cash registers and card payment terminals. With this amount of experience we can proudly announce ourselves as professionals. This experience gives us a secret recipe to develop an easy to use, versatile and reliable point of sale system. The development is all in your own hands now and we are pretty proud about it. May we present to you; Mando. The easiest, the most reliable and the most elegant POS solution for your business!

Update the Mando cash register software to version 20230102.4 to get this year’s lunch voucher values ​​for the cash register.

The update takes place from the start screen, where you press System; Updates  ; The highest software version is selected. After that, in the window that opens, press Update (The program will load; Install (The update will be installed); Open (The checkout program will open)

With the update, you also get all the other latest functions. If necessary, you can contact us by e-mail, for example:

The right POS and card payment solutions for Your business

Compact and versatile ACT

Thin and compactly designed ACT Mando cash register. Several I/O ports support easy system expansion, quick installation and maintenance. It is also possible to get as a self-service checkout.

POS with elegant devices

An elegant and modern Mando solution, which suits your shops interior. The POS solution is available in black or white colors. All the accessories also from us!

A handy, small tablet solution

Mando system is also available in 10″ tablet device. This combination is also easy to take with you if you need payment solution to go with you. You can also use tablet device as a second unit alongside the 15″ Mando hardware.

Conveniently sized Mando D1 Smart

Mando cash register solution with a conveniently sized cash register. Smart has a built-in receipt printer and a 10″ touch screen, Wifi, Bluetooth and Ethernet connection. We also have the other accessories you might need.

Nets & Verifone card payment terminals

Mando solution works with any card payment solution, but using Nets or Verifone devices gives you an opportunity to use integration with cash register. With integrated card payment device you avoid mistakes and make paying faster.

Some Mando features…

Easy to use

Installation even in minutes. The system is clear and easy to learn.

Works also offline

Mando does not quit even if the internet connection is lost. It works offline!

Modern design

Mando hardware is stylish and suits all kinds of interiors.

Card payment terminals

Compatible with Verifone and Nets card payment terminals.

Maintain your product details from anywhere

Product maintenance is easy, just open your internet browser and sign in. All updated details are uploaded to cash register with just a few clicks of a button.

Get reports whenever you need

No more printing reports from cash register. All reports are easily viewed and downloaded with internet browser.

One or many stores, all data in one place

All your business locations can be viewed, reported and maintained from one place in our cloud service. All you need is internet connection and a browser.

Features for restaurants

The requirements of restaurant business are noticed. Table handling, dividing of bills and kitchen printing are a natural features of Mando!

Features for stores

A barcode scanner is an important device when acting in stores. With scanner the selling is faster and easier than using buttons in POS screen!

MobilePay straight from POS system!

You can now accept MobilePay-payments with cash register without any need for card payment terminals. Your customer can easily pay with their smart phone using QR-code. Need more information?

Mando & Mando Mini

Mando solution for small or big business.

Mando POS is also available in a limited Mini version. Mando Mini is a perfect solution if your business is small and you don´t need that many features from your solution. Mando Mini can be used both in 15″ touch screen device as well as in 10″ tablets. And when your business then eventually gets bigger and you need more features from your solution, we can update your system to full Mando version.

We are here for you!

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