Additional modules to Mando

Mando’s additional modules are extra-charged features that make your work easier and faster.


Invoicing payment method to cash register
Set up the customer in to the background system, log the billable information and invoice the charges
Bill either immediately or over a longer time frame
Real-time reports
Supports online invoicing, e-mail invoicing and traditional paper invoicing sent by post
Available in Mando order form
Extra charge function


With the inventory management add-on module, you can log purchases, track losses, balances and the value of your inventory.
The inventory management feature allows you to make an inventory in the system.
Products sold at checkout are automatically be reducted from your inventory.
Extra charge function


Sales and payment transactions can be transferred directly from your cash register to Fennoa’s accounting software automatically or manually.
There is no longer a need to print or send reports to accounting, the material is transferred to your accountant automatically. This saves both time and costs.
Extra charge function

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