Mando is an easy cash register solution for all kinds of trading.

Features of the full version of the Mando checkout


Easy to use

Commissioning takes about 2 minutes. The system is clear and easy to adopt.

Works offline

Mando does not stop working even when the internet connection is interrupted. Works offline!

Modern design

Mando’s cash register is stylish and fits into a trendy environment.

Payment terminals

Compatible with Verifone and Nets payment terminals.

Real-time product maintenance

Product information is easy to maintain with an internet browser. The changed information is immediately available at the checkout with a couple of button presses.

Extensive reporting

No more need to print reports from the cash register. Extensive reporting is available online in real time.

One or more shops, all information in one place

All of your company’s locations can be maintained and reported from one and the same place online.

Features for restaurants

The requirements of the restaurant environment have been taken into account. Table sales, invoice distribution, and kitchen printers are a natural part of Mando!

Store needs taken into account

In stores, barcode reading is an important feature so that products can be found at the checkout quickly and easily. Mando knows how to do this!

New! MobilePay payment method directly from the checkout!

Now you can accept MobilePay payments directly using the Mando cash register, without the need for changes at the payment terminal. Your customer can pay easily with a mobile device using a QR code. Ask more about MobilePay!

An easy Finnish cash register system for all kinds of business.

Finnish cash system and payment terminals under one roof. As a result of our customer survey, we got a clear idea of ​​what the best thing about the Mando checkout is. 100% of users included the word EASY in their feedback. Mando cash register’s reliability, simple user interface and structure, and quick implementation have made it extremely easy for both new and old employees to take over the cash register. Orientation has rarely been needed for more than a few minutes. After reading the results of the feedback, we were satisfied. Mission complete.

In about 30 years, we from Mandolai have grown into solid professionals of cash registers. We have a secret recipe for developing an easy-to-use, versatile and secure cash register system. The development work is in our own hands and we are very proud of it. Now we present you the new Mando Kassa, which is 100% our own signature. The easiest, most secure and undeniably the most elegant cash solution for your company.


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