Mando Mini characteristics

A basic version with less expenses

Mando Mini characteristics with basic features

Just the cash register itself is not enough, you need software that works inside it.

The lightweight version of the Mando cash register system, Mando Mini, has more limited features than Mando, but you can run as large a business as you want with it.

Mando Mini perfectly replaces, for example, a traditional ECR cash register. If you’re considering options between the Mando Mini and the full version, don’t worry. Updating Mando Mini to Mando is easy. You can start with a smaller investment and expand the cash register software features as needed.

Comparing Mando and mando Mini

The cash register with Mando Mini works as reliably as the full-featured Mando cash register. The difference is mostly in the range of  functionalities and reporting possibilities. Mando never compromises on quality. The cornerstone of the cash system’s development has been operational reliability from the very beginning.

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