Nets & Verifone payment terminals

Payment terminal for both short-term events and ongoing needs, as well as Nets and Verifone card account agreements!

You can get the following payment terminals from us:

Nets and Verifone payment terminals are integrated into Mando’s cash register system

The payment terminal has a great impact on customer experiences and the smoothness of your work. Nets and Verifone are high-quality and reliable payment terminal solutions. From Mando you get Nets and Verifone payment terminals with the best terms and prices. The payment terminals can be connected to the cash register or they can work on their own, so you can go directly to the customer with the payment terminal, which may be needed for example,in restaurants. Some payment terminals can also be turned into a mini cash register, in which case the cash register and the payment terminal are in the same device. This is suitable for small events where you only have a few products to sell.

You can also rent a payment terminal for short-term needs, such as during fairs or weekend sales. Contact our sales, and we will tell you more and choose the payment terminal that suits best for your needs!

Verifone Yomani

  • Fast, modern and secure

  • The most used payment terminal on the market

  • Contactless payment feature

  • A chip card reader connected to the cash register system

Verifone V400

  • The smallest and fastest on the market
  • 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Contactless payment feature on the screen
  • Touch screen



  • Fast and familiar to anyone who has used a payment terminal
  • Contactless payment feature above the screen
  • Safe and durable


Nets Lane

  • Supports local and mobile payments

  • Compact but full of features

  • Easy to update

  • No receipt printer

  • 4G

Vega 3000

  • 4G, 3G, 2G
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Chip card payment, mobile and contactless payment features
  • Modern technology and a good user experience

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